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8-Strand Orange Coral Necklace

$ 3,200.00

There is absolutely no other way to talk about this necklace than by saying “amazing!”, “magnificent!”, “so unique!” and “so rare!”.

Mediterranean orange coral has all but disappeared from the shores of the Mediterranean sea.  I got this through an Italian friend who knew of a local Greek fisherman. The fisherman had been sitting on this stash of coral for 35 years! I do not expect to see another stash of this quality in my lifetime.

The magnificent color of the coral is enhanced by multiple stones: blue turquoise, green turquoise, tourmaline, opals…

It is a feat of colors on 8 very delicate strands terminated by two large blocks of sugilite, topped by two beads of turquoise and opal. The clasp is sterling silver.

This  is a truly rare head-turning piece, which deserves a beautiful neck.

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